Supporting Elderly and Low Income Families in County Longford

Longford Warmer Homes CLG. is a community-based organisation, which aims to improve the housing conditions for the low-income elderly and other marginalised groups in County Longford through the implementation of a Community Services Programme (CSP) / Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Warmer Homes Project. 

The project was built on important work undertaken by Rathcline Sustainable Projects Group (RSPG), a two-year Transnational LEADER Environmental Programme funded through Longford Community Resources CLG, which included energy research work, auditing/surveying of various house/building types in the region and a House of Tomorrow project on 12 existing dwellings.

The founding partners consist of a range of organisations, representative of the community and target groups served through the project, including Rathcline Sustainable Projects Group (RSPG), Longford Community Resources CLG (LCRL), Longford Environmental Alliance (LEA), Employment Development and Information Centre (EDI) and County Longford Older Persons Network.